Alexis Clairaut (1713-1765)

Chronologie de la vie de Clairaut (1713-1765)

(6 novembre) 26 octobre 1738 (2) : Stirling (Leadhills) écrit à MacLaurin :
I have also heard lately from M. Clairaut [cf. 2 octobre 1738 (2)], where he makes a great many apologies for having taken no notice of my paper about the figure of the Earth [(Stirling 35-36)] when he sent his [C. 17] from Lapland to the Royal Society; and he tells me he has carried the matter further since that time in a new paper [C. 18] which he has also sent to the Royal Society [cf. 2 octobre 1738 (1)]: now he says he has heard that I have been at some pains about that probleme and desires to have my opinion on his two papers. The first I barely saw before it was printed, and altho I had not time to read it throughly I soon saw that it was not a low rank, as for the second I never saw it; and therefore I should be much obliged to you if you could favour me with a sight of both, that I might be able to answere his letter. If you can please send them to Mr Maitland who will give them to Mr Charles Sherrif at Leith with whom I correspond weekly, and they shall be carfully ans speedily returned. I have yet had no time to medle with that affair, and when I have, possibly I may not have inclination (Tweedie 22, pp. 89-90 ; MacLaurin 82, pp. 305-306).
Courcelle (Olivier), « (6 novembre) 26 octobre 1738 (2) : Stirling (Leadhills) écrit à MacLaurin », Chronologie de la vie de Clairaut (1713-1765) [En ligne], [Notice publiée le 11 juillet 2009].