Alexis Clairaut (1713-1765)

Chronologie de la vie de Clairaut (1713-1765)

7 août 1754 (1) : Clairaut (Hampton Court) écrit à Richardson :
Dear Sir

Having so little enjoyed your company this year, on the account of both your business and mine, all my hopes to make it up, were grounded upon the last days of my stay in England, part of which I entended to pas[s] with you at Ham[m]ersmith. But a very unlucky accident deprives me of that the pleasure. About a fourtnight [fortnight] ago, as I was preparing to return to town, I fell so violently from horse back, that I have been ever since forced to keep the bed or [c]hair ; and having spend in so disagreable a manner the time I designed to pass with my friends, I, now, am obliged to return to France in all speed and not being yetable to walk, I have no other means, but writing to make my leave of my friends. Accordingly, I intrest you if you have any command for France to send'em to Turquand's in the piazza where I shall be in tur [!] days hence.
I am with the greatest esteem and respect, dear Sir, your most and obedient obliged servant Clairaut.

Hampton Court, August the 7th (Boncompagni 94b).
Clairaut avait écrit à Richardson le 25 décembre (cf. 25 décembre 1753 (1)).

Richardson répond le lendemain (cf. 8 août 1754 (1)).
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